About Us: M&M

Mom: We have such a sweet life, full of sunshine and laughter and adventure. Oh, it’s also crazy busy, with plenty of rain and tears and frustration. We are human after all. But we choose to focus on all the good parts. And one of those good parts is time together. This blog is a chance for us to spend time together doing something we both love. We live this sweet life chasing the moon with three cool dudes: Dad, CJ Cool (the middle man), and our X-Man (the little bro). Me & Maeve

Maeve: Our life is truly sweet. Sure, some downs come – you know, homework and brother issues – but we live in a really great world with good friends, family, a good-cooking mom and a soccer-coaching dad. I love crafting and always enjoy a good book, but my life is definitely lived in a musical note. Any time, any day, you can find me singing around the house. This blog is a place where my mom and I can share our love of writing and just plain life.


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